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We’ve all had big issues and problems in our day job. These can be deadlines, office politics, a complex project, or a problem with a teammate. High chances that you are facing something right now, at your current gig. It’s easy to identify, these issues follow us after our work. We think about them on our commute (when we had one), in our free time, or even in the shower.

The bad part is that we tend to stress a lot on these issues. They can take us our sleep and make our jobs less fun and even dreadful. Because…

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When you are trying to start a startup is recommended that you have one or more co-founders. It will be an emotional rollercoaster and, also you’ll be able to leverage the strengths of your team. I guess it also can make it more fun if you enjoy working with other people, it can get lonely and it’s nice to have someone you can talk that is going through the same things.

Co-founders come in different shapes and sizes. Some will have as much (or more) skin in the game as you and some others will see the startup as a…

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All startups are hard. You are building something out of nothing and it’s a complete emotional rollercoaster. Hours can be long and you never know if it’s going to work. I’ve lived a couple of ones and it’s funny but not easy. One of those was an IoT startup focused on hardware. These hardware startups come with a completely different breed of problems than regular software startups.

The main difference is that the good part of the digital economy does not apply to you. McAfee and Brynjolfsson discuss in their book three important characteristics of digital economies: Free, Instant, and…

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The Office is my favorite show. I always have a great laugh and I have even learned a thing or two from Michael Scott's leadership style. The show portrays a lot of funny situations and it’s always a blast to watch it. Looks like it has been removed from Netflix this January 1st, I wanted to write a little post about it.

My favorite clip ever is the intro from Stress Relief (Fire Drill). I find it almost impossible to watch it and not laugh. It has brightened my day a lot of times even on some pretty bad days…

You might be a seasoned software developer who has been on a ton of teams. You probably know the ropes of the role and the mechanics of teams, you have a checklist or things you always do to have a great experience. Or you might be new in the industry, transitioning from a completely different field and fighting with impostor syndrome. If it’s your first software project, a lot of things are going through your head. There are some things you can do to improve your chances:

  • What technology are you using? This is something you might not be able…

I have had the opportunity to work in different kinds of technology projects from Mobile, Web, Architecture Assessments, Internet of Things, and Machine Learning. I still remember working on my first Machine Learning project, I was super excited and it was way different than anything I have done in the past. Seeing the model learning and the different results we were getting was incredible for me.

After that, I was ready to keep on working on ML projects. I was ready to train, optimize, and deploy some models. But I found something very interesting in the process. There are a…

These days being at the right distance from another person is very important. Due to the COVID-19 situation, we’ve learned a lot about social distancing and how it can help us fight the virus.

Using Tensorflow you can measure how far or close a person is from another person. This will be a relative measure given that the picture can be from different angles and perspectives.

This example will be based on the Object Detection Google Collab Notebook. You can try it out with a few tweaks. …

Categorizing my personal expenses has always been a good activity. It helps me track where I am spending too much and how a month is different from another one. I’ve accomplished this in different ways and found the most grueling part to assign a category to the expense (eating out, health, software services …). This is a boring task and it can be done using ML.

The main idea is to have a csv as an input, with descriptions and amounts. You could get this from your bank very easy. In Costa Rica, banks don’t offer APIs to personal finance…

By now probably everybody has heard about the Open AI language model GTP-2. They released a little model and a great blog post ( They have great examples of unicorns, Miley Cyrus and even Buddhist-ish writing (@Miles_Brundage).

I have been thinking about applying GPT-2 on emails. We all have lot’s of emails and everybody has its own style. I built a small pipeline that you can input a csv (extracted from outlook) and it will return txt file. You can input that txt file in a Google Collab GPT-2 notebook and check the results. I got some interesting results:


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Machine Learning, Humans in Tech and Startups.

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