The big issue you are facing today will look small in the future

We’ve all had big issues and problems in our day job. These can be deadlines, office politics, a complex project, or a problem with a teammate. High chances that you are facing something right now, at your current gig. It’s easy to identify, these issues follow us after our work. We think about them on our commute (when we had one), in our free time, or even in the shower.

The bad part is that we tend to stress a lot on these issues. They can take us our sleep and make our jobs less fun and even dreadful. Because of these issues, we might want to quit and some people have ended up doing that. We might see them as a curse rather than a problem to be solved.

I’ve had a lot of those issues during my career. Issues looked huge to me at the moment. If they happened they will break my career or the company I was working on. Sometimes these were just risks and sometimes these things ended up happening. We missed a deadline, a client withdrew from a deal or something broke in production. Another common example is you did not get a promotion. You had all that was needed but it ended up going to someone else.

By this point, you have identified one of those issues. Maybe you even remember some of those from your early days. Here comes the funny (and valuable part). Try to remember specific details about the issue how it ended affecting your career or life. Most of the time we are not able to remember a lot of the issues. We might remember that it was very important for us but not the little details. We might even laugh at how we stressed out so much about that, it happened and we still are here.

It has to do a lot with perspective. It’s very useful if you try to use it forward. That big issue you are facing today will be tiny in 2–3 or 10 years. Just as the issues you had 3 or 5 years ago are laughing material now. Those issues taught you a lot and allow you to solve more complex issues today.

Don’t beat yourself up with your current issues. Treat them as a learning experience. And also remember that they will look tiny in a few years.

Have you experienced this feeling? Or those issues still seem huge?

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